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Jacto introduces new self-propelled sprayer

Jacto introduces new self-propelled sprayer

Jacto introduces new self-propelled sprayers

As Northmec is always striving to add quality affordable agricultural equipment to the end user they are excited to announce the launch of two additional models to their existing Jacto sprayer range.

In addition to the current Uniport 3030 self-propelled sprayer with 3000 liter chemical tank and 32 meter boom, Jacto introduces two major launches: Uniport 2530 and Uniport 4530. “The launches increase the offer for our customers and make Jacto’s portfolio even more complete. They were developed thinking about efficiency, economy and technology; factors which are very important for performance in the fields”, explains Marcus Portari, Fertilizers and Self-propelled Sprayers line product manager.

Check Jacto launches:

+ Uniport 2530 and Uniport 4530: Jacto maintains its spraying tradition and innovation with the launching of two new models for its self-propelled sprayer family:Uniport 4530 and Uniport 2530.Uniport 4530 has a 4,500-liter tank and 36-meter spraying booms. It is the first machine of its size in Brazil soon to be available in South Africa. It weighs only 10,500 kg with empty tanks and it has excellent operational efficiency spraying up to 80 hectares per hour.

When compared with machines that have 3,000-liter tanks and 30-meter booms, Uniport 4530 operational efficiency increases up to 30% and crop damage reduces up to 17%. The 0.40- 0.70-L/ha fuel consumption is up to 35% less when compared to other machines in the market.

The new UNITRACK® 4-wheel steering system deserves special attention as it allows faster and more precise manoeuvres and smaller turning radius. With an innovative solution, the system reduces crop damage up to 40% while manoeuvring. The 2.75-meter boom working height together with the 1.55-1.75-meter adjustable track width provides greater use in all crop development phases. It allows spraying up to 35 km/h and traveling at up to 40 km/h. It features Otmis embedded technologies such as nozzle-by-nozzle automatic controller, hydraulic automatic pilot and RTX signal correction. It can also be equipped with RTK signal correction, temperature and humidity sensor, reversing camera and Otmis Maps Telemetry.

Uniport 2530 was designed to work in different terrain conditions and spray in up to 30% tilted terrains. It is a lightweight machine with power and low fuel consumption. It has a 2,500-liter tank, 30-meter booms and 1.60-meter fixed ground clearance. Its chassis is highly flexible and resistant for the most diverse terrain conditions. Its cab features excellent visual amplitude, air conditioner and pneumatic suspension seat.

The spraying system features 30-meter booms, 35-50-cm spacing, quadrijet nozzle-holder, 2,500-liter tank, JP 150 electronic-controlled piston pump with maximum capacity for 190 L/min, electric-electronic 8-way Masterflow control, agrochemical mixer, mechanical agitator with rotation control, PPE storage box, 330-liter water tank for cleaning. It allows spraying up to 25 km/h and traveling at up to 40 km/h. Uniport 2530 also has Otmis embedded technologies.

+Uniport 3030 Innovations: The traditional self-propelled sprayer features new specifications and the highlight is the new optional UNITRACK® 4-wheel steering system. It also has canopy-opener, mudguard and new boom options: besides the 28-meter and the 32-meter booms, it now has 36-meter booms too. The 36-meter boom version increases operational efficiency up to 14% and reduces crop damage up to 17% when compared with 30-meter boom machines.

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