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Ecolo Tiger



Patriot Sprayers



Combine 9230



Big Baler


Committed To Being In The Field, Working With Producers

Northmec supports Farming South Africa and are dedicated to agriculture growth - making them the leading suppliers of farming equipment in South Africa. Northmec holds the title for being the oldest company of its type in the industry of agriculture. Investing in agricultural equipment will ensure that you as the farmer reap from the benefits - forming a solid foundation for long-term growth and production.

Northmec is a division of the Capital Equipment Group (CEG), who in turn is 100% owned by Invicta Holdings which is a listed company on the JHB stock exchange and is the only company to perform in the top 100 companies for the last 21 years in a row.. "Very few men are credited with influencing the future or making history. George North was one of these men. He opened his implement store in Port Natal, now Durban, in 1869 and it grew into an organization that by the mid 1880s had extended throughout the land. George North set the parameters all those years ago for the success of a business that spanned 3 centuries."

Remember Northmec when considering your agriculture and farming equipment and agricultural supplies!