Case IH manufactures agricultural equipment for producers around the globe. Our experts tailor Case IH iron, innovations and technologies to fit every operation. We recognize every operation is unique and every producer farms differently. Our customers are successful because they demand more from their land, more from themselves and more from their equipment.

That’s why, as a farm machinery company, we operate differently. We work as a team — producer, dealer and manufacturer — to help every producer succeed. That’s how we deliver more for those who demand more.​

When George North started his agricultural implements business in 1869, he could hardly have imagined that his dreams and aspirations would be realised 146 years later in the form of South Africa’s most trusted distributor of top quality implements and equipment for farmers.

As the oldest agricultural company of its kind in South Africa, Northmec continues to supply farmers with the world’s leading technology and the most trusted names in agricultural equipment.

Add to that a highly trained and experienced team of specialists that provide support, maintenance and advice throughout the country and you know you’ve made the right choice.

Case IH has been at the forefront of precision farming for more than a decade, having launched its first Advanced Farming System in 1995. By giving farmers the ability to control the entire crop production cycle, AFS helped growers optimize yields, input costs and profits.

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) equipment fully integrates cutting-edge precision farming components for every operation. With features like sub-inch repeatable auto-guidance accuracy, yield and moisture mapping, as applied and prescription planting, the AFS system helps you maximize productivity save on input costs and to get optimize yields.